Much needed income from your parking lot

Faith Park helps you grow your church community while bringing in additional income on the days your parking lot isn’t used.

Monthly Permits

We can digitally handle paid or complimentary parking permits for your staff or visitors.

Reserved Spaces

Reserve spaces and only designate those that you wish to monetize.

Parking Enforcement

We can handle all of your parking enforcement, not just on Sundays. This ensures your community comes first!

Up and running in no time!

Take payments at your church parking lot using your existing online giving account. 

Immediate payouts

Money is sent straight to your account

Free lot maintenance & signage

FaithPark provide all of your signage and manage your lot on your behalf.

Get valuable data into your ChMS

Use our API to get data of parkers directly into your ChMS to help grow your community engagement.

The lowest costs in the industry

FaithPark work on a small revenue share model, more than half the cost of traditional parking operators.